Library Philosophy and Objectives

The Ashland Elementary School Media Center exists to provide a wide variety of materials and resources necessary to accomplish the goals and objectives of the Clay County School System. It is to serve as an extension of the curriculum. The goals of all media centers focus upon the work with students and teachers and the school's over-all goals. It is recognized that the media center is a part of the school and should be driven by the same goals. The Ashland Elementary School Media Center's philosophy will acknowledge the uniqueness of each student and that materials shall be made available at various levels of learning. The media center shall strive to provide for the independent study and personal reading of the students and teachers. The media center shall also endeavor to extend and compliment the curriculum presented in the classroom. It is also recognized that the amount of information available in today's society encompasses much more than could ever be taught in a classroom. With this realization, the media center should serve as a place of instruction to educate to educate the students on information retrieval skills. The Board of Education and the Ashland Elementary School Library support the principles of intellectual freedom found in the Constitution of the United States and expressed in the Library Bill of Rights of the America Library Associated.

Welcome to the Ashland Elementary Library

Our library is a very busy place everyday. We have a collection of over 8,000 items at the Elementary site. The Kindergarten and first grade also have an Accelerated Reader library collection.

The library collection is automated and is available for perusal through the Internet. To access our OPAC (online public access catalog) you may access it through the following website:

Accelerated Reader is a big part of our library program. We have over 7,000 available tests on our on-line site. The web address for this site is Home connect is available to our parents. Home connect allows parents to view their child's Accelerated Reader record.

The library is open from 7:15 am until 2:40 pm

Check out our calendar page to learn of events connected with the library.

Mrs. Smith welcomes you to visit her bio page.